Mobile scratch cards have never been such fun to play as portable mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are enabling all of us to carry around our favorite online scratchard apps anywhere and everywhere we go. The ease and simplicity of winning scratchcard and slots jackpots is largely due to smartphone manufacturers releasing bigger and better units by the day.

One of the major smartphone manufacturers is Samsung. They have just released record profits for the second quarter of 2012 with operating profits up by 79% to reach $5.9 billion for the second quarter from April-to-June 2012. Net income rose by 48% and revenues rose by an impressive 21%.

Samsung’s record quarterly figures can largely be attributed to their highly successful launch of their Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note smartphone range.

According to analyst Lee Sun Tae from NH Investment & Securities, over 62% of Samsung’s profits were from mobile business. Samsung has succeeded in shipping over 49 million smartphones in the second quarter 2012. The Galaxy S III alone sold over 7 million units and there are expectations that they will sell over 20 million in the next quarter.

Samsung’s Quarter 2 results are exceptional and it remains to be seen how the expected launch of Apple’s new iPhone will impact on their sales, Overall according to analysts the smart phone market is expected to grow by at least 10% in the third quarter. Online gambling is one of the fastest growing markets on the internet. For many people time is money and the chance to simply whip out your smartphone and have a flutter on a cheap scratchie is the ideal form of social entertainment while providing realistic chances of winning instant scratch card jackpots. With smartphones becoming more available and inexpensive the option of mobile gambling is becoming accessible to all.