It was only yesterday that we reported on a record breaking jackpot win on a mobile gambling game. Having a chance to win life changing jackpots with a touch of a button is proving a popular choice for many and is expected to become the norm in the gaming sector. The smartphone has become a standard accessory for everyone which means that we all have the ability to be online twenty four hours a day. This has led to a race with technology giants like Samsung and Apple who are the leaders in this industry to provide better and cheaper devices.

A report in the Korea Times estimates that Samsung will increase their smartphone shipments by 20% in 2013 from 420 million to 510 million devices. This mind boggling estimate is even more impressive as 390 million of the devices are expected to be smartphones while only 120 million will be feature phones.aim to provide. High quality portable devices have transformed our online habits as many of us choose to exclusively use our smartphone devices as our first choice over our PC’s.

Samsung plans on providing handsets for the much talked about Windows 8 which could see Microsoft making a dent in the dominance of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms.