A recent report in business.scotsman.com has further confirmed the ever growing popularity of mobile online casino gambling as a common social trend in the workplace.

The need to indulge in our scratchcards in our leisure time is a real and legitimate for millions.

It seems that just as many of us take cigarette and coffee breaks during our hectic days research is showing that many are choosing their break time to have a flutter on their preferred online scratch cards and other online casino games.

All the top notch scratch cards sites  have developed the cutting edge mobile scratchcards apps that bring us all our favorite scratchgames to the tips of our fingers.

This latest research was undertaken by Roxy-Palace.com. In their findings it was shown that over 1 in 20 employees under the age of 45 were prone to have a flutter during work hours in the last 12 months.

Most of the online casino gambling took place with mobile devices that included iPads and smartphones. These mobile devices were the preferred devices of choice and not their personal or company computers.

The knowledge that there are £1,000,000 scratch cards jackpots on scratchgames lie Super 3 Wow makes this leisure activity irresistible.

In terms of gender, most of the potential mobile online casino gamblers were men which made up more than 89% compared to the 11% of women.

The most popular times for playing online scratch cards were between 1pm and 3pm.

The rise of the popularity of smartphones and mobile devices have made Mobile  scratch cards available to millions with the touch of a button.

A spokesman for RoxyPalace.com  was quoted as saying,” We all like to break up our day in different ways, whether it be making a quick cup of coffee, stepping outside for a cigarette or going for a walk. However, it seems an increasing number of workers are now turning to online gambling as a way to inject some excitement into their day. It’s easier than it’s ever been to place bets or play games online and with so many people now owning smartphones they don’t need to use work computers, which often ban external websites.”

The social acceptance of mobile scratch cards is remarkable and only bodes well for this irrepressible scratchcard format.