Scratch cards are enjoying one of their best boom periods in recent history. The current events in the U.S. can only be good for the future of Online Scratchcards. They have always been popular and a favorite of the massed due to their simple and fun format.

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The online casino gambling market in the U.S. has never been as heated as it is now due to the Justice Department’s new stance on the Wire Act of 1961 which up to now was the main stumbling block that prevented legal online gambling.

The tough economic situation in America has caused many States to consider their options on future online casino projects. All the states are looking for additional lucrative sources of income in order to boost their trouble economies.

Many states have already started putting legislation in place in order to benefit for the potential legalization of online casino  gambling.

Florida has already approved a bill that would pave the way for up to three casinos and even the option of one additional casino in Miami.

New York Gov. Cuomo has brought up the idea of expanding the Aqueduct Racetrack in New York City’s Queens Borough and has gone as far as calling for constitutional amendments allowing casino to permit state wide gambling.

Illinois is another state which is attempting to pass some sort of gambling legalization. Massachusetts has passed a law that permits up to three resort style casino and a slots machine  parlor in Boston.

Online Scratchcards are universally popular as they provide a “soft” entry into the online gambling world. There is no need to be a pro or gambling veteran to start scratching and winning.

In these difficult economic times it is comforting to know that online scratchcards offer you the ability to plan your online gambling experience in a positive and responsible manner. It is the most affordable form of online casino games providing ours of fun and entertainment.

These new developments with other states raise the questions of how these changes will affect the once gambling Mecca Las Vegas.

Many cynics believe that many of the states rushing to legalize online casino gambling are doing so for purely political reasons. They believe it is politically convenient in these difficult financial times to promote legal online gambling as a source for much needed employment opportunities. Legalized online casinos also promise to provide additional tax revenues which would otherwise have to be raised through tax hikes which are extremely unpopular politically in the current economic climate.

Some experts also question the claims that legalizing online  gambling is good fiscal policy for the states .Although there are increased income revenues the overall stability of the states economy does not always improve.

These potential national developments have got Las Vegas Casino operators worried at the potential long term effects of such legalization. Las Vegas Casinos have had a tough few years but in the recent months but they have reported upturns in their income revenues. Through November there was also an increase of 4.4% in visitors from the previous year 2010. According to the Las Vega Convention and Visitors Authority the hotel occupancy was also up 3.7% from the previous year.

The proposed luxury resorts planned in Miami and New York could cut into Las Vegas profits.

Many gambling analysts believe that Florida could pose the biggest risk to Las Vegas in successfully attracting tourists from Las Vegas.

Florida has its own challenges in passing any gambling legislation as there is growing opposition from Walt Disney and the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Miami on the other hand has been backed by a huge global gambling corporation in the building of a $3.8 billion waterfront complex in Miami. Some believe that with the option of the beach in Miami could make Miami a lot more attractive as it could sustain tourists seeking gambling and seaside vacations.

Supporters of Las Vegas point out the fact that regional casinos in Connecticut and Pennsylvania affected neighboring states like Atlantic City but Las Vegas was not seriously impacted.

Other factors that are important to remember is that that gambling only makes up 40% of Las Vegas revenue which is down from the 60% in the past.

Another crucial unique feature of the online scratchcards market is the fact that many scratch cards sites offer potential scratchies players the option of playing in virtual mode before laying out any real money.

There is no doubt that overall Online Scratchcards are a affordable form of online gambling which gives you the chance of winning instant life changing jackpots.