The online gambling world is experiencing some of the most turbulent yet exciting times in memory. While Europe is opening up all eyes are still focused on the U.S. since last year’s change of position by the U.S. Justice Department’s on the Wire Act of 1961. In effect this means that online gambling has the potential to become legalized in the U.S. Over the past months we have reported extensively on individual states seeking to implement legislation that would officially legalize internet gambling.

Scratch cards are just one of these gambling options that are to be offered to U.S. players. Many are hoping to use the online scratchcards format as a test case in the gambling market. While traditional gambling stirs up controversy, many lawmakers believe in social gambling like scratchies as the compromise that would allow the online gambling industry to be legalized in the U.S.  Both lawmakers and casino operators are well aware of the ability to market softer forms of social gambling as an alternative to heavy gambling.

The common consensus is that the legalization of U.S. gambling is almost a certainty and the only question remains is when it will become official and if it will be done on a federal level or individual state basis.

With this in mind many major social gaming companies like Zynga who currently offer free casino games are waiting in anticipation for the U.S. government to legalize internet gambling which would man unlimited potential growth for social gaming companies.

The latest social gaming company who has entered the gambling arena is that of RockYou. They have just announced their acquisition of Ryzing who are the developers of the popular Bingo by Ryzing which has been available since 2010.

This casino based Online Bingo game is interesting in that I boasts more than 75,000 daily active users and is growing. More importantly for RockYou, Ryzing’s Bingo is free to operate despite restrictions on internet gambling as they utilize clever innovations that bypass U.S. gambling restrictions. Instead of paying winners with real cash they award their winners with prizes via the sweepstakes method.

RockYou like Zynga believe in the real viability of converting their loyal free-to-play players into real-money gamers when the U.S. internet gambling market is finally legalized. There are reports that they have even developed a fully working real-money proprietary gaming platform which will come into play when the legal situation clears up.

Scratch Card developers have always maintained a social focus on all their scratch games. This is clearly evident in any online scratch card you come across these days. Keeping up with the times and social trends is synonymous with the modern-day scratchie. It is no surprise that mobile scratch cards are at the forefront of utilizing the latest mobile technology to power all their online games. Like many other social games available on our smartphones and tablets, scratchies are fast becoming one of the most popular mobile games being played.

Ryzing’s Chief executive Officer Manu Gambhir has a strong gambling background. He was responsible for operating Cantor Fitzgerald’s online gaming business in the United Kingdom as well as building Harrods Online Casino in the UK market. With this extensive background it is no denying their intention of transforming their social bingo offering to real-money gaming.