Lotteries are one of the most popular types of gambling as they have global appeal and are available in every corner of the globe. Like scratch cards, lottery tickets are the man in the streets best chance to win instant cash prizes that can change your destiny with a single scratch of a card.

Due to their popularity, lotteries and scratchies are able to generate millions in revenues for state run programs. One such state is that of Ohio in the United States. They have just released record breaking figures for their state run lottery enterprise.

By law all lottery profits in Ohio are funneled directly to the Ohio Department of Education in an effort to support K-12 public schools. The last fiscal year proved to be the most profitable in history with a staggering $771 million raised by the lottery. This impressive statistic beats the previous record of $748 way back in 1997.

Nowadays lotteries and scratch cards are available to all with a touch of a button through the modern day online versions. With the growth of the mobile and online lotto and scratch cards, the chance to partake in these two burgeoning markets is open to all from the comfort of and security of your chosen location.

Online lottery services like even give you the chance to participate in global lottery draws. This service gives you the option of playing in over 43 international lotteries that include EuroMillions, U.K. National Lottery and Mega Millions which have the possibility of reaching hundreds of millions of pounds should the jackpot turnover.

Camelot, the U.K. National Lottery Company recently launched their exclusive £4 Million Blue Lottery Scratchcard game which comprises of no less than 5 games in a single scratch card ticket. More important is the fact that there are over 4 top prizes of over £4 million for the taking. This combination of a scratch card and lottery offering is proving to be one of the hottest lottery scratchcards of all time in the U.K. and is probably the highest payout of any scratchie in the world!

This site is completely legal and they do all the leg work for you through their local lottery representatives who physically go out and purchase your ticket. Once bought your lotto ticket is scanned and available for you to see in your online account.

The ease of playing these types of games has resulted in these two classic formats being improved to a level that competes with any other traditional gambling format. The instant million dollars, Euros or Pound cash prizes available on scratchies and lotto are just further reasons to delve into this lucrative world.