December 23, 2011 will go down as an historic day for the online gambling market in the U.S. This is the day when the U.S. Justice Department revised their stance on the Wire Act of 1961 which up till Dec 23 2011 was the barrier preventing legalized internet gambling.

For millions of online players who enjoy scratch cards or poker, they are currently been deprived of the chance to legally play online scratchies in their own country. In the land of the brave and the free many ponder how up till now the U.S. Government has prevented players from exercising their basic right to scratch and win online if they so choose.

Since then many U.S. states are determined not to miss out on the gravy train and have been feverishly adopting and planning legislation to make this a reality. States like Nevada and California are among the forerunners in the race to be the first state to legalize it.

Many cynics believe that the revised stance towards legalizing now is connected to election year. There is not a single U.S. state that could not benefit from tax revenues from online poker or scratch cards. These revenues from the industry are the ideal example of how politicians could avoid raising taxes in order to raise essential state coffers.

A recent report by Market Research firm Paragon took two gaming companies International Game Technology and Shuffle Mater, Inc. as examples of companies gearing up for the seemingly legalization of U.S. online gambling.

International Game Technology (IGT)  shares recently surged by over 14% after announcing that they would be buying back $1 billion of their common stock. This move was largely due to the decision by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to unanimously recommend granting them a service provider and manufacturer license. This is groundbreaking as Nevada has already made history as the first U.S. state to pass legislation allowing internet betting.

The other gaming company covered by Paragon’s report is the global gaming supplier Shuffle Master who has recently announced a partnership with the award-winning Aristocrat iGaming platform (nLive) with a premier online poker offering.

These are just two examples of major gambling interests who are poised to jump on the online gambling train. Other gaming companies like MGM and Caesars have already announced partnerships with overseas interests who together would be able to implement a platform as soon as it is legally possible to do so.

The future of gambling is moving to innovative on the go technologies such as mobile casinos which offer instant win games such as Poker,Slots and online scratch cards. The smartphone and tablet devices are transforming the way players interact with their favorite internet casino from any place they find themselves in. Playing in the mobile world reaches out to literally every sector of the population. This is largely due to the fact that because smartphones have become standard issue for the masses. Mobile scratch cards and Slots apps pay out millions and you can do it with a standard internet application and if you choose with no App to install.

All the powerhouse gaming companies are gearing for this not so new sector of the market as the future of our new digital age goes mobile. Take for example at the recent Zynga Mobile Slots and we can clearly see where the trend is moving.

There are few who doubt that the current situation in online gambling is set to change in the near future. Experts like Managing Director if the Global Gaming Fund at Clearstone Ventures, Brock Pierce summed it up well,” When you have a gold mine this big it’s only a matter of time. A lot of billion-dollar companies will come out of this in the coming years.”

As Online scratch card enthusiasts in particular we can say with certainty that we are truly living in interesting and historic times which will see an open and fair gambling market for all to enjoy.