Many people still think of scratch tickets as the one dimensional paper tickets we all tend to buy along with our shopping. They come in all colors and sizes and are a crowd favorite anywhere you go. In the last few years online scratch cards and mobile scratchies in particular have morphed into advanced games that give any form of alternative gambling a run for their money.

In fact when you visit any top online scratch card and slot site like those powered by PariPlay you will be blown away by the sheer variety of games on offer, At first glance you will even ask yourself if these are scratch cards as they feature many casino like themes.

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Maximum Jackpot : €\£\$ 100,000
Minimum Bet : €\£\$0.10
Maximum Bet : €\£\$10
Pokies Site : Wintingo, Scratchgames
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Poker Match is just such an example of a scratch game that in fact looks and feels like any online poker game you will see out there. The rules and playing format remain true to the classic scratch ticket format but you lay and win according to the traditional rules of poker. We reviewed another “Poker Spins” Pariplay game last week which is in the online pokies format and compliments this game too.

There are plenty playing options as you get to choose to play anything from 1-5 ticket simultaneously. The jackpot prize on offer is certainly high stakes and is what you would expect to see in any premium online poker offering.

Poker Match offers advantages that regular online games do not offer. One of them is the fact that you get to scratch and play from as little as £0.1 which is unheard of at any other regular poker game. The other main advantage is the simple fact that anyone can start playing in seconds without needing prior expertise or knowledge of heavy gambling.

Poker Match is just what casual gaming is all about. The graphics and overall feel to this casino scratch card game are easy to follow and let you enjoy the  intriguing world of online poker with a twist.