For many of us the thrill and excitement of playing in a live casino at a poker table is the ultimate gambling wish. The adrenalin of testing your skills against the dealer are what attracts millions to poker.

However there are many of us who would like the chance to play online poker but do not have the patience to start learning the rules and playing tactics. This is where the online scratch card game shines as it is easily playable by anyone without any prior knowledge required.

It is for this reason that 888Play have released Poker King as it looks and feels like a real poker game yet plays in the classic online scratchcard format. There is no need to be a poker pro to start scratching and winning with Poker King as it is so simple to play.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Maximum Jackpot : £100,000
Minimum Bet : £0.50
Maximum Bet : £10
Scratchies Site : 888Play
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The Poker King scratchie is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. When you start playing you are dealt 2 cards face up and 5 cards face down on the table.

Just scratch 3 of any of the 5 face down cards. As you do so the dealer’s cards will be revealed. If your hand beats the dealer then you win. It is that simple to play Poker King.

The graphics are excellent and give you the impression of sitting at a live online casino table. You will be pleasantly surprised by the entry betting price of only £0,50. If you want to play for higher stakes you can bet up to £10 which could reward you with the ultimate Jackpot Prize of £100,000!

For me the combination of a high-end poker game with the simple playing format of the scratch card is an ingenious idea. While I always enjoyed watching poker I never had the time to sit down and learn the rules. Poker King is a fast playing online scratch card which makes playing poker easy and fun without being intimidating. For this reason alone I would recommend this scratchcard for all those looking for a high-stakes online game.