According to Analytics firm Kontagent, social casino game players now make up over 13% of the overall players on Facebook in 2012. This is a significant rise from the 6% in 2012 and 8% in 2011. According to Kontagent, the average social casino games player spends at least 40% more than the average social gaming player.

The growth and popularity of social casino games is resulting in many new startups trying to enter this ever lucrative market. Currently the main social gaming powerhouses include Zynga and Double Down Interactive. Anyone looking at Facebook’s top applications will notice that social casino games feature prominently on the top 10 games. This is highly significant as it proves that millions enjoy the opportunity to test their luck in online social casino games that are identical to the real money options except for the fact that they are currently available in the free-to-play option only.

One of the latest players to enter the social casino gaming market is a California-based company called Playsino.  They have it as their declared aim to focus solely on publishing casino-based social games and monetize them on Mobile platforms and Facebook.

Playsino are interesting in that they not only plan to create their own casino-based games for social networks but also plans on publishing games from external developers who have their own social casino games.

They were founded in 2012 and are headed up by an impressive team which includes CEO Brock Pierce who has a well-documented track record in starting over 30 gaming companies in which managed to secure over $200 million for these companies.

The mobile market is an integral part of the social gaming market and Playsino have made mobile applications a priority. Playsino already offers its own social casino games which include Solitaire and Prizes. Their games are completely compatible for all mobile devices including iPhone, Android and tablet devices.

General Manager John Maffei summed up what he thinks will be Playsino’s winning tactic,” The difference is we are 100 percent focused on the social casino game market.”

Playsino currently has backing from a Singapore-based venture capital firm, IDM Venture Capital amongst others and should be an interesting newcomer to the social casino gaming industry.

At we choose to follow the ever growing world of social casino games as they are closely related to online scratchcards as they both offer an unforgettable online gaming experience. The only difference between online scratchies and social online casino games is that in the meantime these games are available in their free-to-play mode only.

Free games are what appears to be the drawing card for millions of players worldwide. It’s only a matter of time before these social gaming companies cash in the databases of free players they are attracting and turn them into cash paying players. As it stands now they are gaining a healthy foothold in the market and stand poised to take advantage of the calm before the storm. The storm in question is coming as the U.S. opens up the lines to online players again. I am sure they are already reaping big advertising revenue benefits already as these sites go viral.

We shall keep monitoring the situation and are confident that social casino gamers will soon be able to feel the thrill of what online scratchcard game players know all too well.