Tiki Madness

Tiki Madness Slots Game Review

MegaMoneyGames.com has just released a new slots game called Tiki Madness. This slots machine game takes you to an exotic island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Tiki are large stone and wooden carvings of humanoid forms which originate in the culture of Central Eastern Polynesian cultures in the Pacific Oceans. As soon as you start playing this slots game you get the feel of being on vacation and dancing to the island beats.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Maximum Jackpot : £100,000
Minimum Bet : £0.10
Maximum Bet : £10
Slots Machine Site : MegamoneyGames
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The background of this awesome game is a tropical paradise that we all dream about. The 5 reels are replaced by Tikis made of unique and authentic wood carvings from the tribes of the Pacific Ocean.

All the icons on the slots feature tropical cocktails, dolphins, pearl laden oysters and unique colored flowers.

Tiki Madness lets you choose how many Tiki slots you wish to play from 1-5.

Minimum bets start as low as 10p and have a maximum of £10.

MegaMoneyGames offers you a unique feature in their tropical paradise slots game in that it offers you the choice to play in day mode or in night mode.

There is a prize of £100,000 in the jackpot prize.

Tiki Madness slots has eye popping colorful graphics and background music that makes you start dancing.

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Overall Tiki Madness manages to bring us a taste of an exotic culture while providing us with a slots game made in paradise for us to play and win.