Mens Shopping

Mens Shopping ScratchCard Game

Men’s Shopping is the ideal online scratch cardthat is designed for us men who love and enjoy shopping. This original game is set within a luxurious mall setting. The aim of this scratchcard is simple All you need to do to win is to match 3 identical symbols out of the 9 squares and you are a winner.The winning amount is shown on the cash teller.

Rating: ★★★½☆
Maximum Jackpot : £100,000
Minimum Bet : £0.50
Maximum Bet : £10
Scratch Cards Site :
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No need to break the bank before betting as bets start as low as £0.50 and has a maximum of £10. The icons featured on the scratch squares  are all our alpha male favorites and include items which all men know and love including beers, zippo lighters and electric guitars. The only thing more enjoyable than shopping is the chance to win the £100,000 Grand jackpot Prize and with Men’s Shopping scratchcard we get the best of all worlds. are a premium scratch sites that offer an innovative package with some large prizes on offer and spectacular games. Scratchmania is a fully certified Online casino site and you can find slots in addition to their scratch games.