Disco Keno Scratchcard Game

Scratchcard Disco Keno Review

Disco Keno Gets you right down bogeying as this exceptional online scratch cardsgame lets you win up to a colossal £100,000 jackpot prize. Once again Neogames have taken a characteristic game and turned it into one of the most sprightly scratch cards games  that they have released.

Keno is an ancient game that originated in China over 2,000 years ago and was revived in the 19th Century. Keno is what modern day lotteries are based on. In Ancient China Keno was played with 80 unique Chinese characters . The modern version Disco Keno features 80 different numbers of which the machine picks 20 random numbers and the more numbers you match on your 15-box keno scratch card, the more you will win.

Rating: ★★★★½
Maximum Jackpot : £100,000
Minimum Bet : £0.25
Maximum Bet : £10
Scratch Cards Site : 888Play,CrazyScratch
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To start playing the instant win Keno Scratchcard game is simple, just choose the amount you wish to play, select the number of cards you wish to play (1-*0 and click the “PLAY” button.

The keno machine will draw 20 random balls. In order to win, you need at least 2 matching numbers in a single scratch card when compared to the 20 balls drawn.

Disco Keno features some high end perky and colorful graphics which make you want to carry on playing for hours. There are many distinctive features in this scratch card such as the turbo option which supplements to this fast paced winning scratchgame.

To start betting on this Keno Scratch Cards game is simple and affordable as betting starts as low as £0.25 and has a maximum of £10.