To enjoy online gambling is no longer the privilege of the few. With top online casino sites like 888play anyone can enjoy the thrill of having a flutter with little cash layout yet amazing jackpots. What makes things even more fun is the fact that 888play offer something for everyone in their over 100 online games. It is like been a child in the candy store when you enter their site as you get the option to play scratchies, slots, instant win and even high-end casino games.

The chance to feel like a high roller at a casino table is tempting for all of us but is also quite intimidating for most. Like myself I enjoy watching blackjack and know the basics but when it comes to actually playing I find myself a bit out of my depth especially with things like table etiquette and always calling in turn. For this reason 888play’s “BlackJack Solo” recently caught my eye.

Rating: ★★★★★
Minimum Bet : €\£\$0.25
Maximum Bet : €\£\$10
Scratch Site : 888Play
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This instant win casino game has the look and feel of any professional high-end blackjack game but it is so user-friendly and simple to play. The basic idea is simply to beat the dealer’s hand in a heads up scenario.

If you’re feeling like a high roller then you can bet up to £100 but if you are somewhat a novice like myself then you can start betting from as low as £0.25.

Blackjack Solo is a one hand blackjack game which features 8 standard decks of 52 cards. There are multiple options to help make Blackjack Solo an advanced game. These include Double Down, 10-Card Charlie, Splitting and even an Insurance option.

To start feeling the thrills of a live casino just place your bets by selecting the chips and placing them on the table. You have the option of adjusting your bets with options like “Undo”, “Redo”. “Clear all” and “Rebet”. As soon as you are ready to play just click “Deal”. If you want to receive an extra card to your and just press “HIT”.

As you can see Blackjack Solo is the ideal instant win card game to give you the feel of what it feels like to play classic casino games with the greatest of ease.