Virtual casino games are becoming more popular by the day on social networks like Facebook. Many people are dedicated and loyal users of these online free-to-play games. Social gaming giants like Zynga have some of the most popular forms of virtual casino games on the market. Their Zynga Poker is just one of their series of casino games that enjoys millions of loyal users.

Social games and social gambling are what many see in the online scratch cards trade. There is a growing demand for non-traditional gambling options that will allow anyone to engage in online gambling. The scratchcard is seen by many as the ultimate bridge maker between social and real money gambling. While many enjoy the thrill of having a flutter on their scratchies, they could not be bothered to learn more complicated types of gambling.

Although many of these social casino games are free-to-play there are billions at stake with online players purchasing virtual chips and products for these games. It is difficult to differentiate between the virtual and real money games as they look and feel exactly the same.

Besides the revenues form associated products of these games, anyone in the know will tell you that these social gaming operators are preparing the groundwork for when online gambling becomes legalized with particular emphasis on the emerging U.S. online gambling market.

What could be easier than converting their millions of loyal free-to-play online players to real money gamblers. The possibilities are endless and with the latest developments in the U.S. the process of legalizing online gambling has in effect already begun.

There has also been a growing trend of using celebrities to promote and market online casino applications. One of the latest celebrities to offer their celebrity status to promote an online product is the one and only Pamela Anderson.

BamPoker has just been released last week on Facebook as the BamPoker Facebook App. In this exciting online poker offering you get the chance to pit your skills against none other than Pamela Anderson herself.

Like online poker many enjoy the excitement of online scratch cards games that offer the chance to win by scratching and revealing what’s underneath the card. More importantly scratchcards have a variety of themes and graphics which always ensure that enthusiasts have many playing options at their disposal. Even for the traditional casino players there are many scratch cards that have a look and feel of casino games like poker and roulette yet maintain their original scratch card playing format.

This virtual poker offering lets players from around the globe to partake in virtual tournaments that include everything from Texas Hold’em play to casual play.

BamPoker is played for virtual currency and no real money is involved. Online players get the chance to advance according to their skill levels with the ultimate stage been the VIP badge which will entitle you to have a seat at the exclusive BamPoker’s VIP tables.

The founders of BamPoker are Canadians Jeremy Nichele and Elton Pereira . Their mission as stated by Pereira is,” We are committed to providing a fun, social and interactive gaming experience through quality game design. BamPoker encourages active user engagement and strong community spirit, something we feel has been missing from the online poker world.”

The use of a high profile celebrity like Pamela Anderson is designed to add a personal touch where online players are able to interact with Pamela through a fan page and even sometimes through chats on Facebook.

The fierce competition for the gambler’s dollar is resulting in social gaming companies entering the online casino arena in a concerted effort to cash in on this burgeoning market. Online scratch cards are increasingly becoming the choice for players seeking a social gaming and social wagering internet experience.