Links between European and American based gambling interests have never been so close with both sides placing themselves to be in prime position to benefit from the U.S. gambling market opening up.Due largely to a simple court ruling by the Justice Department on the wire Act of 1961 last year, there is the seemingly inevitable realization that online scratch cards will become a reality for U.S. players in the near future.

Over the past months there has been increasingly heavy Trans Atlantic traffic by many interested parties in an attempt to cement partnerships for when the online U.S. gambling market is regulated and legalized.

The latest European based gambling powerhouse to state their intentions is that of the Irish based bookie giant Paddy Power. Chief executive Patrick Kennedy stated recently that they intend to be one of the first gambling internet bookies to cement their position in the U.S. gambling market.

Global online scratchcards have never been so prevalent. With tough global economic times many U.S. online players would choose scratch games as an affordable and attractive gateway to rewarding yet low cost gambling. Scratch cards are ideally positioned to explode in the U.S. with their unrivaled variety and scope of games on offer.

With many traditional casino games requiring a lot of skill, scratch cards are a user friendly format for many looking for a simple and easy to play online form of gambling. The winning formula of low payout and high rewards make the online scratchcard game a surefire draw card for millions when internet gambling is legalized in the U.S.

He confirmed that Paddy Power is already in talks with potential partners and is awaiting approval from states like Las Vegas for a license to operate and supply mobile betting equipment. The first online licenses in Las Vegas are expected to be issued by the Las Vegas Gaming commission within the next month. Other states like New Jersey and California are also among the forerunners in legalizing online poker and there are already confirmed partnerships between MGM Resorts and London-based Bwin.

The race to legalize scratchies is heating up on a daily basis with competing states looking to be the first to benefit from online scratchcard revenues. Many state legislators see scratch games as just one of the many online gambling options that could rejuvenate their struggling economies.

Kennedy believes that Paddy Power can partner up with Bwin and that are able to supply the technologies need to operate in the U.S. while Paddy Power have the expertise to operate and run such operations on a business level. Kennedy also pointed out that Paddy Power will enjoy support from U.S. legislators when considering granting gambling licenses as other competing companies have previously been indicted by the Justice department for illegally offering online gambling to U.S. based citizens.

It is not hard to see how legalized internet gambling like poker or online scratchcards could be beneficial to all parties. As supporters are at pains to state, online players will always find markets to play, the only question is whether revenues remain within the state or go to overseas operators.