In yet another move by traditional casino companies to increase their presence on social networks like Facebook, Las Vegas From (LVFH) has launched their Fast-Fold Poker offering on Facebook under the Real Vegas Casino Brand.

Social gaming and social gambling have long been growing closer and closer to each other. As scratchcard players this is not a giant leap as many of the best scratchies have a stronger social feel than a gambling feel to them. It is amazing to play some of these scratch games that are based on childhood games like Rock, Paper and Scissor. Even football scratch games feature prominently especially in light of the recent Euro 2012 Championship. Scratch card developers are always aware of keeping in touch with social trends and EuroBall was designed specifically to coincide with the Euro2012 Tournament.

Virtual online poker is highly popular and major social gaming players like Zynga have released Zynga Poker which has become one of the most popular social online poker games available with millions of loyal players.

As we have pointed out in our previous reports, the move into social gambling has two main aims. The first is to join this growing social gaming market which although is played with virtual currency, online players are able to purchase virtual chips and other products associated with these games. Thus industry generates billions of dollars worldwide despite being played in a free-to-play mode.

The second and more interesting aim of these companies entering the social casino arena is the realization that in the very near future online gambling will be legalized throughout the U. S. Nevada has already fired the first shot and has started issuing gaming licenses. All industry experts believe that it is just a matter of time before other states join Nevada in embracing responsible online gambling.

Fast-Fold Poker is aimed at those looking for a fast paced, high action poker experience without the annoying wait between hands. The option of starting a new game or folding anytime you choose is what attracts many to their unique form of virtual poker.

LVFH has like many other online social casino and real money companies who are looking to expand their presence on major social networks under the Real Vegas Casino brand. Real Vegas Casino is well known for its exceptional HD graphic interface which features a fully interactive casino that incudes blackjack roulette and sports betting.

High-end graphics with cutting edge technology have resulted in many online players choosing the online scratch cards as the ultimate bridge between real gambling and some of our favorite social games, the ability to choose any of the light-hearted scratchies has in a large way been responsible for the continuous growth of scratch games amongst all online gamers.

CEO of LVFH summarizes the thinking behind their new launch of Fast-Fold Poker,” The format of Fast-Fold Poker has already been proven to be very popular among real money poker players and we are proud to bring this game to our customers on Facebook. Our early mover advantage in this specific space should allow us to further grow player database and outcompete other social casino applications.”

There is no misinterpreting the intentions of major social gaming companies lie Zynga and LVFH as the second you start playing their social casino games, you will not be able to ignore the fact that they look and feel like the real-money casino games. There is no doubting that that the moment the U.S. online gambling market is open for all, all those free-to-play social casino games ill quickly be converted to real-money offerings. The possibilities for social gaming giants like Zynga to convert eve n a fraction of their millions of daily social players is way too tempting for them to turn down.

We can only speculate as to how many of these social casino players will move over to the real thing when it becomes legally possible to do so. The financial implications are staggering and it comes as no surprise that many social giant gaming parties are playing for the ultimate prize.

In the meantime online scratch cards continue to provide the closest thing to social gaming and real money gambling. The timeless format of the scratchie is proving to be the reason for its staying power which is evident is the rise and popularity of scratch cards.