It seems that there are still countries in the global village that are not so enthusiastic about us online gamers exercising our right to play and win on our preferred scratchcard games or any other online game we choose.

You would not believe the “ingenious” methods that Malaysia has adopted in their futile attempts to stop one of the fastest growing trends in online gambling entertainment such as online scratchcard gaming.

Malaysia has been trying to fight what they define as illegal online gambling in a unique way. Malaysian police are constantly looking for innovative methods to clamp down on the problem of online gambling operators.

One of the latest methods they have derived is the proposal to cut the electricity supplies to the actual gaming operators. They believe that by physically switching off their power this would have the strongest impact on the internet cafes and online gambling operators.

A high ranking police official was quoted as saying that the proposed plans would we worked out in conjunction with local municipal authorities and the local police.

Chief Senior Assistant Comm Zahruddin Abdullah also vowed to “investigate all aspects to those involved in such activities.”

In the UK We have the right as any free person should does to play scratchcards or any other form of online gambling .I personally am confident that we the online gambling community are here to stay in a big way. There is no “electrical” force which can stall the progress been made every day.

Scratch and Win online gambling  is not just a motto but a way of life for millions worldwide!