Is it possible that restrictions for online gambling in the European Union are set to change? For all us online gamers who love to scratch online Scratch Cards or spin online slots, there could be great changes in the making.

Recently the British Operator Stanleybet applied for a local license in the Italian online gaming industry ,only to have it turned down. Why would there be restrictions for those of us who love scratch cards and love to spend hours on playing our favorite online slot machines?

Anyway it seems that Advocate Cruz Villaalon who represented Stanleybet in the EU court seems to agree. According to his way of thinking one cannot restrict online gaming as it goes against the spirit of the European Union. Not only that he went further to state that restricting online gaming is contrary to the European Union Treaty.

Well done to him for sticking up for all the online gamers who just want to scratch away with online scratch cards and have fun spinning away on their favorite online slots.

As far as the judge is concerned the European Union Law is above the local country’s national law and therefore the individual European member states cannot interfere with the right of the individual members desire to embrace online gaming.

There is no doubt that all the online casinos will use this logical argument to bring us the online gamers more access to our favorite scratch cards, online sports betting and online poker games.

While we wait to see what develops we will continue scratching our way to winning jackpots!