For those looking for cash rewarding Easter bunnies’ all year long, then Lucky Eggs is the festive Online Scratchie for you. As with all Easter Bunnies these jovial characters are quite something with their pot bellies and cheerful demure.

The second you enter their world you are transported to a bright and colorful field surrounded by green hills. Each one of the 3 Bunnies holds a sack full of surprises.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Maximum Jackpot : €\£\$100,000
Minimum Bet : €\£\$0.50
Maximum Bet : €\£\$10
Sites to play at :
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The aim of Lucky Eggs is to simply choose one of the bunnies and if you choose correctly you win the prize indicated in the Prize area. When you win the Easter Bunny reveals a large bag full of colorful eggs and the winning bunny starts to dance.

To get in on the fun takes only £0.50 and you can bet as high as £10. If you are lucky enough you could win the ultimate prize of over £100,000 with a single scratch ticket.

To start playing just choose the amount you wish to bet and click “PLAY” The rest is easy as just sit back and reap your rewards with this highly entertaining and light-hearted online scratch cards game.