The social gaming world had taken off in the last few years. With millions of people enjoying online games this has meant big business. This has not gone unnoticed by many in the online gambling world and in particular the online scratch card industry.

There is a huge for market for social online games and with ability to add a real money angle to them is what is making the scratchcard a global sensation. The formula of providing online entertainment with affordable and user-friendly gambling options like scratch games seems to be what many are looking for.

As one of the world’s largest social gaming companies Zynga has had a roller coaster ride of late. Although reporting $321 million in revenues last quarter, Zynga  have lost over 40% of their share market value since their listing in December 2011. Although they have had mixed fortunes of late their CEO Mark Pincus is still upbeat about their future. Many experts believe that Zynga has a major ace up their sleeve with their dominance in free-to-play online games. With global hits like Slingo and Texas Held Em , Zynga boasts millions of daily loyal users who are addicted to their free to play casino like games.

The fact that millions enjoy free-to-play casino games shows how real money online gambling such as scratch cards could really be. All of us enjoy the chance to win instant cash with a simple scratch or spin of a reel. With the ease and accessibility of online scratchcards this option has become a reality for millions.

This week there was also some excellent news for the gaming giant as their Zynga Bingo offering reached the number 1 position among Facebook’s fastest growing games with over 1.5 million new daily users reported. This incredible statistic means that Zynga Bingo managed to increase their number of daily players by 757% in a single week which is sure to silence many critics who question the future potential of this social gaming giant.

There have been many rumors that Facebook themselves are looking into delving into real-money casino games. With a huge drop in their share price since their listing, many believe that the millions generated by real money offerings could take Facebook to another level and perhaps transform itself from the world’s largest social network to one of the world’s largest gambling forums. With billions of users it is not hard to see that even if a small percentage decides to move to real money gaming, the potential profits are unlimited.

For many the idea of traditional gambling is somewhat scary. What makes scratch cards so appealing is their simplicity as no specific knowledge or expertise is required before playing Online Scratchies. Another major factor that makes the classic scratch card appealing is the fact that many games have light hearted themes to them that include romance, cuisine and even sports. With scratch tickets starting at only a few pennies it really means that the world of online scratch cards is truly open to everyone looking for an inviting ticket to the online gambling world.

It is also worth noting that Zynga themselves are hardly in the social gaming market for the sole purpose of entertainment. It is no coincidence that some of their major online games have a casino theme to them. This is where many gambling experts believe that despite Zynga’s mixed fortunes, their CEO has all along being keeping an eye on the real prize which is real money gambling. With the U.S. online gambling market in a state of transition, many players like Zynga are already planning for the day when internet gambling becomes a reality.

It is safe to assume that social gaming giants like Zynga would then have the last laugh as they would almost certainly succeed in converting many of their millions of loyal players to real money gambling.

Zynga seem to have found the magic formula for attracting online gamers which is the ability to provide online social games in an exciting and global community environment. This is exactly what many believe is the reason for the online scratch card’s growing success.