As we have been reporting the U.S. online casino gambling market is heating up on a daily basis. All interested parties are looking for ways to benefit from the DOJ’s new stance on the Wire Act which was the main stumbling block for internet gambling up till now.

The latest player to join the arena is California Governor Brown. He believes that online casino taxes and revenues from legalized online poker may not be the solution to the State’s $9 billion deficit.

He played down the claims by proponents of legalization and believes that it may help the state’s revenue coffers but will not solve their financial problems all together.

Supporters of legalization in California believe that a massive $1.4 billion could be raised  in tax revenues to the state government which would accrue over the next 10 years.

Governor Brown is still considering his position on legalization of online casinos and again voiced his opinion that there would definitely be some revenue produced but was skeptical of the amount quoted by supporters of legalization.

It is so exciting to see track all these new development in the U.S. There are so many different groups who are competing with each other to legalize online casino gambling in the state. The year 2012 is the year which could result in these proposed bills to pass.

Let’s wait and see but I am optimistic as progress cannot be stopped and online gambling is here to stay.

We in the online scratchcards community are waiting to welcome all our U.S. online players and are confident that they will become a massive and influential market force in the scratchcards online,slots machines and online poker market.