It seems everywhere you look these days on Facebook there are new social casino based apps that are bringing the social gaming world that much closer to the real casino world.

As scratchcard players are aware, the importance of entertaining and eye catching graphics are essential parts of our gaming pleasure. The idea of playing glamorous scratch games that feature high end graphics like The Bold and The Beautiful are what makes online scratchies so appealing to social gamers.

One of the latest and most interesting Facebook games is called “Hotel Casino” and comes out of Korean Based Soribada Games,Inc. They are a new company established with the aim of developing web games and smartphone games.

This clever game allows you to get a feel what it would be like to be a Sheldon Adelson type gambling mogul where you get the chance to not only purchase but even run casinos for virtual profits. The background to this virtual casino city is that of Merrywind City. According to Soribada Games General Manager Lee Hee Jun,” Although no real money is invested, wagered, won or lost, players experience the same risks, rewards and excitement as the real moguls in buying, managing and growing their simulated casinos.”

In the simulated city of Merrywind the options are endless for the online player. There are options to buy casinos from different historical eras where when you purchase them you get the chance to manage your clientele, the admission profits and even table fees. One of the main aims of Hotel Casino is to attract as many guests as possible which increases your virtual earnings which in turn enables you to upgrade your chosen casino.

Players place bets with virtual chips which can be earned, exchanged or acquired through promotions within the game itself.

Players get to enjoy all the regular favorite casino games that include Texas Hold’em poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and poker.

The thrill of real casino games has reached even the online scratch card world where there are many games like “Lucky 21” and “Scratch N Roll” which capture the vibe of sitting in a casino while still playing a classic scratchcard game.

General Manager Lee Hee Jun went as far as to say that Hotel Casino was better than Las Vegas as you get the chance to feel the thrill and excitement of casino life without having to lose any of your real money.

Hotel Casino features spectacular graphics and it is no surprise that it has received excellent reviews despite having just being launched on Facebook. The birds-eye view of the virtual casinos with the night skyline in the background make for a spectacular glimpse into a glittering virtual casino world.

The growing popularity of casino-based games on social networks cannot be ignored. Although these are virtual casino games, their popularity is based on the fact that all of us enjoy the chance to change our luck with a single scratch of a scratchcard game or slots machine spin. There is nothing like the adrenalin of playing for real money casino games. These social casino games are identical to their real money versions and as such cater for all this looking to experience all the adrenalin and action of what it would feel like with winning instant jackpots that could improve our lives without actually risking any real money.