One of the fastest changing global technology sectors is that of the Smartphone market. This device is influencing our daily lives in an ever increasing manner. For online gambling the smartphone has meant portable mobile casino apps at the touch of a button.

For the online scratchies market, the increase in smartphones has translated into many more people deciding to utilize their mobile scratchcard option with the knowledge that they are able to scratch and win in total privacy from wherever and whenever they so choose.

Apple’s iOS, Android and Windows Based Phones are the main choices for mobile casino users. The competition between the smartphone manufacturers is always exciting to follow as this will impact directly on the future trends of mobile online scratch cards.

With Apple and Android dominating the smartphone market, Microsoft Windows Phones such as the Nokia Lumia were marketed as a strong contender to compete with the dominance of Apple and Android.

While recording some initial success with their launch, Nokia has had setbacks with Microsoft announcing that their new Windows Phone 8 operating system will not be available as an upgrade option to Windows Phone 7 users which could impact heavily on consumers choosing the Nokia Lumia.

Nokia took a huge gamble by placing all their hopes with Microsoft and abandoning their failing Symbian operating system.

Mobile manufacturers like Nokia are all too aware of the endless potential of the smartphone industry. Whether it be online gambling like scratchies or other gaming activities, the better the quality of the smartphone device, the more units it will sell. The modern day mobile betting option is having a fascinating effect on the online scratch cards player. The convenience and ease of which anyone can start playing their traditional scratch tickets, is making many reconsider how they play online scratchies. For a lot of us convenience and accessibility combined are the ultimate gaming solution.

Nokia has seen a drastic drop in their share prices recently which has seen a massive 80% drop in the last year alone. Their market cap has dropped from $78 billion to $7.8 billion in the last three years.

This dismal situation has let to Nokia’s Board Chairman, Risto Siilasmaa stating to the Finish newspaper Yie Uutiset that Nokia has a “contingency plan.”

While not expanding on this many industry experts are wondering how it will be possible for Nokia to seriously start to compete with IPhone and Android and make any sort of inroads in capturing their former glory in the market which is growing at a phenomenal pace.

For us mobile casino gamesters, the competition between the giant smartphone manufacturers to provide the most advanced units is only good news for us. In the mobile scratchies world we look forward to expereincing even better casino apps on all the intelligent little gadgets we carry around with us every day of our lives.