The chance to win million pound jackpots on lotto or the likes of online scratch cards cannot be taken for granted. There are still countries in which the right to Play scratchies and win as you choose is not a given privilege.

This latest story is touching as it affects our brave soldiers possibly being denied the right to win life changing lotto and scratch cards jackpots just due to their location.

It is amazing that the urge to scratch and win is a reality even in conflict stricken areas. All of us have a primal need to challenge our luck through a scratch cards or lottery ticket.

The Daily Mail features an interesting report regarding the rights of soldiers to engage in online gambling and lotto in particular. In an impassioned plea from Labor Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy, he expressed his deep concern over the new proposed reforms which will come into effect from April 23 which in effect will ban players from accessing their lottery accounts when they are abroad.

This highly unfair reform could affect those brave soldiers fighting for King and country in faraway places. Mr. Murphy is rightly calling for Camelot to address this burning issue as he states quite correctly,” This move excludes British troops, either on a tour of duty or permanently stationed abroad. British troops are British taxpayers and give unparalleled service to our country. They do not decide to leave our country; we send them. The very least they deserve is the opportunity to share in the chance of a million-pound lottery win like the rest of us.”

With online gambling like lotto and scratchies, it is truly possible to scratch and win from any part of the globe. The online and mobile scratch cards industry has literally brought life changing scratch card jackpots to the tips of our fingertips.

If soldiers on the front or at sea wishes to have a punt and does not have access to a casino why not allow them play Online scratch cards games or lottery games. Surely the least that Camelot could do with today’s Mobile technologies is to try in some way to identify our soldiers abroad and allow soft gambling like Scratchies and Online Lottery.

Most soldiers I am sure have smartphones to keep them in touch with loved ones and to entertain themselves with online scratchgames and media. This tool could be used by them to play Mobile Scratch Card apps on IPhones, Androids and any other smartphone device.

The regulations as we stand make it obligatory for all online players to be physically in the UK or Isle of Man and the new reforms will ensure via sophisticated software that all overseas access will be blocked automatically.

Camelot in response stated,”In many countries it is unlawful for anyone to purchase a lottery ticket for any overseas lottery which is not authorized there, including the UK National Lottery. Subsequently, any payment of prizes would be unlawful.”

The case of our brave servicemen abroad who simply want the same chance to win scratch cards and lottery jackpots which would be life changing. It just brings home the reality of how smart online gambling like scratchies can impact one’s life. It is social “Rest and Recreation for many.”

With scratchgame jackpots reaching a million pounds it is only reasonable that all of us have an opportunity to play our lotto or scratch cards whenever and wherever we choose.