We have had many stories recently on how Scratch Cards have been upgraded and redesigned into cutting edge mobile scratch card apps that are bringing our Scratchgames experience literally into the palms of our hands.

All the magic and allure of the timeless Scratch Cards formula has never been so easy to enjoy and so accessible to all. There is a clear and definite trend in the mobile scratch card world which is dictating the pace at which smartphone manufacturers release new products.

In fascinating data release by Nielsen the marketing research company, it seems that we have reached an historic turning point in the era of mobile technology. According to Nielsen over half of mobile phone subscribers in the U.S. are now owners of a smartphone.

The data was compiled through February and shows that smartphones now make up 49.7% of the mobile phone market. This is a dramatic increase from the previous year’s 36%. The even more fascinating statistic is the fact the two thirds of all handsets in the last three months sold were indeed smartphones.

Smartphones have changed the way we manage our time. With online scratchcards being delivered to our smartphones we are for the first time able to take our online gambling experience wherever we go and please.

At present Android based headsets are still at the top of the pack with new buyers and hold a 48% market share. Apple’s iOS however is right on their heels with 43%.The rest of the smartphone pie is made up by Blackberry who only managed to gain a 5% market share.

It is becoming more and more common to see many people playing away with Scratch cards, online slots, Poker and any other form on online casino gambling on their mobile devices as part of their daily entertainment and routine. Scratch cards have now long being considered social entertainment as well as providing winning cash opportunities.

Almost all the games are free to play. There are literally thousands of Free Scratch cards,Free slot machine and other instant win games . You don’t need to gamble to enjoy them, they are great games and absolutely FREE.

Android overall still holds 48% of the market share of smartphone owners and a third of smartphone users own an iPhone. In this category Blackberry holds a respectable 11.6% of the market share.

Whether it be tablet or smartphone devices, mobile technology is the way forward for online scratch cards and Slots games. The chance to scratch and win while on the move and when we choose is a prospect that is irresistible.

We can only imagine what the mobile technology industry has in store for the mobile scratch card and online casino industry. If the last year is anything to go by the sky is the limit for our online gambling experience.