In yet another move that strengthens the bond between social gaming, sports and gambling Fertitta Interactive have announced their launch of Ultimate Gaming.  This new endeavor by the Fertitta Brothers will incorporate social gaming, real money games and global digital entertainment. One of the first offerings will be launched in the summer and is called Ultimate Poker.

More and more social gaming companies are combining social gambling like poker and scratch cards with their traditional free-to-play offerings. This is done with the clear intention of combining the two when it becomes legally possible throughout the United States. Social gambling like online scratchies and poker can be ignored as pure gambling.

As we all know the Fertitta Brothers are the founders of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which has become the fastest growing sport in the world. It is no coincidence that the Ultimate Gaming brand is in line with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Both these ventures are aimed at providing the ultimate experience in online gambling and online sports.

Sports and online scratch cards are both social activities enjoyed by millions. The thrill of avant-garde scratch cards that can change your life with a single scratch and the adrenalin of watching modern day gladiators in the octagon at their best is an unforgettable experience.

Chairman of Fertitta Interactive, Tom Breitling summed up the though process behind the Ultimate Gaming launch,” With our unique ability to leverage the overlapping demographics between online gaming, traditional gaming and the worldwide sports and entertainment brand of the UFC, Ultimate Gaming is ideally positioned to rapidly capture a significant following in the United States and throughout the globe.”

Understandably Breitling confirmed that Ultimate Gaming has already applied for all the necessary licenses in the state of Nevada and is a firm supporter of legalizing online poker.

Ultimate Gaming was founded in 2010 by the Fertitta Brothers, Tim Poster and Tom Breitling. This wide group of gaming experts, technology leaders and casino operators combine to bridge the narrowing gap between social gaming and social gambling with land casinos.

With scratch cards featuring countless social themes like sport sand globetrotting there is no getting away from the scratch card being one of the most popular choices of real-money gambling for those looking to scratch and win while having fun at the same time.

The combination of social gaming and social gambling come together perfectly in the ever growing social online scratch card games on offer today.