Neogames never ceases to amaze with their new offerings in scratch cards gaming from week to week. They have been consistently been  releasing new games lately and it’s no wonder they are still at the number 1 spot for the best scratch cards websites there are  on the internet today .

The rate at which they have been developing and releasing quality scratch games has been simply incredible to watch. They just released a new Scratch card game called Sampo which has the unique feature of offering 2 scratchcard games in 1.

All the scratch games that they have put on the market have been an instant success .They have proven that affordable scratch cards and slots machines are the future in the online gaming industry. The average player out there is looking for a cheap exciting game that he\she can enjoy from anywhere and not have to lay out lots of cash in order to win great life changing money.

The business model that Karamba and many other players in the industry like Megamoneygames,Wintingo,Winners Island etc have taken has been working very successfully.

The increase in revenues is proof that online scratch cards, slots and Instant Win affordable games have brought a broader customer base to platform providers.

Online scratch cards are a form of cheap gambling entertainment that is fun while at the same time giving you chances to win millions in cash. .

We are witnessing a bright future ahead for online scratch cards games and Karamba continue to lead the way embellishing us with great scratch games like Sampo.

There are surprises every week in this industry and the competition amongst all the casino operators is benefiting the scratch card players who are enjoying such a wide variety of quality games and incredible promotions.