Mobile scratchies are the best way to play your traditional scratch cards. What can be more fun and rewarding than having the ability to scratch away with a touch of a button?

The smartphone is fast becoming the default choice of many who were in the past regular cellular phone users. This is largely due to the low cost of many smartphones which means that there is a device for every budget.

According to the latest data releases by Needham & Company, China has now become the world’s largest smartphone market. In the last quarter alone China increases its smartphone sales by over 164% in the last quarter which translates into over 33.1 million devices sold.

Smartphones are improving every aspect of the online gambling market and the scratchies sector is set to reach corners of the globe which until now were inaccessible. With any smartphone today, whether IPhone,Android or Windows Based, one is able to go online to any of the top mobile scratch cards sites to start playing and winning.

In such a huge market this is significant and the U.S. sold 25 million new units in the last quarter. Analysts from Needham & Company attribute this growth to China releasing smartphones that compete with standard phones.

While Apple came in second place with 17.3% of the market share, this is a significant increase from the 9.9% from the same period last year. Android is still the top dog in the Chinese market as they hold over 69.5% of the market. Nokia comes in at third place with 11.2% of the market share.

Apple is looking to increase its market share in China and aims at opening new Apple stores in Shenzhen and Chengdu. They are looking to enter agreements with China’s number one carrier China Mobile who unlike their competitors have still not adopted the iPhone. The popularity if the iPhone can further be seen in the fact that even on China Mobile there are over 15 million jail broken phones.

There are no signs of the mobile casino market slowing down and with the ever increasing availability of affordable smartphones, the chance to win once in a lifetime scratch card jackpots are now the privilege of all.