No need to remind all our readers of the development in the U.S. online casino gambling industry in light of the DOJ’s new stance on the Wire Act which was the main stumbling block to online legalized gambling.

As we have been reporting we are have never been more optimistic in the belief that online scratch cards will be open to all players including the U.S.

We have always held the belief that playing scratch cards is a right and not a privilege. There is no stopping millions of scratch card enthusiasts all over the world in exercising their basic rights to choose to play and win on scratchcards.

New Jersey lawmakers passed a law on Monday night that would permit its residents to bet on professional or college sports.

This is the good news. The bad news is that after Governor Chris Christie signs the measure, the real battle starts in that the state face legal battles in federal court where they need to get laws banning sports betting in all but four states overturned.

The new law passed by the State Senate and Assembly will enable residents of New Jersey to place bets at 11 Atlantic City Casinos and the state horse racing tracks. Betting will also be permitted in basketball, baseball and other college or professional games.

The State Senate and Assembly also passed laws which enable horse racing fans to place bets in restaurants and bars. Pressure is also been applied for businesses who plan to build off-track betting parlors. They have been given a one year ultimatum to complete the projects or get out of the business.

State Senator Raymond Lesniak stated,” These votes, by both houses of the legislature and the voters of New Jersey, mark the beginning of the end of the inequitable federal ban on sports betting. “This time next year our residents won’t have to fly to Las Vegas or visit their local bookie to bet on the Giants, Jets or Eagles to win the Super Bowl. They will be able to go to an Atlantic City casino, Monmouth Racetrack or The Meadowlands.”

As we have been reporting , Lesniak is a strong supporter for legalizing online casino gambling and is determined to see this materialize, “I guarantee a victory in the federal courts for New Jersey to be able to enjoy the same benefits from sports betting Congress has given to Nevada.”

The supporters of sports betting hope to help the state’s horse racing tracks and casinos who have been experiencing difficult times. Legalized gambling would provide some much need additional sources of income for the state through taxation There would also be less funds going to organized crime who at the moment are enjoying from the benefits of the current situation.

Assemblyman John Burzichelli summed it up well, “Let’s face it — sports gaming is already taking place, but the only people taking advantage of it are the bookies and criminal enterprises,”

Lesniak had to compromise in order for Governor Christie to sign the bill. He had to drop a provision which would have permitted residents to place bets from their cell phones or home computers.

The new law was welcomed by the Atlantic City Casinos as it would improve their ability to compete with neighboring states and offer added attractions to its potential customers.

The Casino Association of New Jersey said on Monday,” “If and when the federal ban is overturned, this law would permit casinos to accept wagers on sporting events, adding another amenity to enhance our ability to compete and grow as a destination resort. “Legalized sports betting would provide an economic boost for Atlantic City and the entire state of New Jersey, as it would attract more tourists to our city and its world-class entertainment, thriving restaurants, brand-name retail shopping and world-famous Boardwalk.”

We look forward to following future developments and we predict that the year 2012 will be a groundbreaking year for all online casino gambling.