New Jersey has been at the forefront in attempts towards legalizing internet gambling in the United States. While many states are desperate to start offering legalized online casino gambling, they have not been keen to take the lead and face the federal government.

For online scratch cards players the current legal situation is tenuous as they need to play with offshore scratchcard operators until the legal situation is clarified. Many states like New Jersey are losing millions in tax revenues from scratchgames and online lotteries which would otherwise be used to fund state projects.

As the many supporters of legalizing internet gambling like scratchies argue, there is no financial logic to allowing millions to be lost for an activity which they will continue to donate in anyway. The reality of internet gambling with the areas of poker and scratch games is with us, to ignore this makes no sense for all parties.

Clear thinking politicians are well aware of the possibilities of Sports and online scratch card tax revenues which are the best alternative to raising taxes to generate funds. On the other hand New Jersey since last year has been actively progressing legislation to enable the online gambling to start off in their state.

On Monday New Jersey came even closer to their goal of being the leaders in internet gambling with the Assembly panel approving the proposal. The Bill legalizing online gambling just needs to be voted on by the full Assembly and Senate which have yet to be scheduled. The Bill would enable Atlantic City casinos to accept online bets from neighboring states dependant on the Federal Government allowing it.

New Jersey intends to increase their current form of legalized gambling to include sports betting. Gov. Chris Christie has stated that he intends to forge ahead with legalizing sports betting despite expectations of being sued by the Federal government who still ban online sports betting in New Jersey.

It is encouraging to see the leadership role New Jersey has adopted. There is no doubt that internet scratch cards will be available to U.S. players sooner rather than later. It is way overdue for U.S. game devotees and operators alike. Legalizing such affordable and accessible gambling formats like online scratchcards to the masses in difficult economic times would benefit all and boost the overall U.S. economy. We look forward with great optimism in following the daily developments in the U.S. online gambling market. Let the year 2012 be a turning point of no return for the freedom of choice i.e. the 1st amendment.