Like most of Europe, times are tough in the U.K. with challenging economic times upon us. When every pound counts having a flutter is still possible with scratch cards. We have covered many scratch card winners in the last year as their stories always seem to come in the nick of time.

For 21 year-old mother of two from Burnley Katie Bryant times were so tough that when she overspent £10 at the super she had to return some of the items. Her luck changed in an instant when she won £250,000 in the top prize of the National Lottery Blue Scratchcard.

She was shopping with her mum in Asda when she bought two scratchcards. After scratching the first one nothing happened. As she was literally packing in the parcels in her car she proceeded to scratch the other ticket only to discover she had won. She was skeptic about the win and proceeded back into Asda to verify the ticket.

Bryant was quoted as saying, “I asked the shop assistant to check the card and I was expecting her to say no, there is a mistake – but she didn’t – she then said she could not pay out the full amount there and then and I would need to call the National Lottery on an alternative number. I just could not believe it. It all seemed like a dream. I had walked into Asda needing to watch every penny I spent – I walked out having won a quarter of a million pounds – things like this only ever happen to other people.”

For Bryant the joy of changing her fortunes with an affordable scratchie is exactly why so many of us purchase these magical cards as part of our routine shopping even when times are tough.

Bryant summed it up best, ”It is just a wonderful feeling to think I do not have to worry any more. This is what means the most to me. I can pay off all of my debts and not have the worry of owing anyone anything.”