The latest UK scratch cards jackpot winner is a student from Hull who won a massive £100,000 on a National Lottery Scratchcard.

The world of lottery and scratch cards appeal to many millions of people. Their simplicity and availability wherever you go makes them a popular choice for many people all over the world.

Like many of us Ying Kit Woo was on his daily break when he decided to buy a couple of scratchcards. Ying decided to use one of his profits he earned from the previous days scratch card winnings. He initially bought four cards with no luck but when he bought the fifth one he got the surprise of his life.

Unable to believe his good fortunes, a work colleague had to help him check the amount was correct. With good fortune confirmed by his screaming colleague, Ying had just become the latest National Lottery 100 Grand Scratchcard winner.

For the young Hull University graduate, the winning jackpot could not have come at a better time as like many he has experienced difficult times finding a job in these tough economic times.

Winning this scratch card jackpot means that Ying now has the opportunity to pursue his dream of opening up his own business. Ying was quoted as saying,” It’s the one thing that is really important to me, whether it’s a shop, cafe? or whatever, it’s a fantastic opportunity and I feel really blessed.”

Ying’s family are originally from Hong Kong and he was quick to share his life changing scratch card jackpot with them. Ying plans to fly his parents out to the UK to share the spoils as well as to start taking driving lessons.