It is no secret that when playing scratch cards your chances to win are amongst the highest in comparison to other gambling options. For a mother and son from Roscommon this was certainly true. Stephen Victory won over €35,200 after his mum posted in his Winning Streak scratch card which led him to appearing on the popular television show.

What makes his win even more remarkable is that his mum Marie won over €32,900 on October 13 when she appeared on the show. Marie is an avid scratch card enthusiast. According to her son she is a fan of the show and plays the game religiously. According to the producers the mother and son scratch card winning combination was a first.

Stephen’s mum Marie was accompanied by his 9-yearold twin boys and daughter who got to see firsthand their father win the cash. Stephen even joked to the produces that his sister just might be the next scratch card winner to appear on the show.

Scratchies are often used in television promotions like that of the Winning Streak for the very reason that millions of us purchase these tickets as part of our routine shopping habits. Stories like this ensure that scratchcards will always remain popular as there are genuine winners on a regular basis. We are always keen to share this real life stories as they epitomize the reason why scratch tickets enjoy global appeal.