For most of us the reality of winning £500,000 on a lottery scratch card would be enough to set us up for life. Well for 19-year old Joshua Sargeant of Peartree Close in Sleaford, Lincolnshire his lucky win last year in the McDonald’s Monopoly competition last year revealed this may not always be the case.

Not only has he blown most of the cash, he has become a nuisance to his neighbors . After winning in the scratch card promotion he purchased a four bed roomed house when he was only 17 in a quiet cul-de-sac. Since then his neighbors have had to put up with loud music, parties, drug taking, cars screeching in the streets and lots of bad language.

Disgruntled neighbors testified in court of wild behavior that resembled a supermarket car park. Sargeant had purchased a hot tub for his new home and was living the life. The courts agreed that his behavior was unacceptable and imposed a two year anti social behavior order (ASBO) which prevents him for playing loud music and wild parties. Should he not comply he faces a jail sentence of up to five years.

With all his unhappy neighbors queuing up in line to testify at Sargeant’s unsocial behavior the court had no chance of deciding otherwise. It is always wise to gamble responsibly and certainly when you win to spend the cash jackpots in a way that will set you up for many years to come. Most importantly it’s imperative to keep a level head and remain true to ourselves by behaving in a respectable manner towards others when that life changing event takes place.

Winning a lottery scratch card be it online or a physical ticket has bettered the lives of millions around the globe.  Examples of those too young like Sargeant who fail to appreciate the responsibility that comes with it needs to be taken as a lesson to others that may one day be that lucky scratchcard winner.