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An interesting report in the Korea Herald shows that Apple’s iPad is managing to continue their dominance in the tablet market even in the home country of their main rival Samsung in Korea.

According to estimates Apple has managed to sell well over 1 million iPads in Korea since its November 2010 debut. In 2011 alone sales were estimated at over 700,000.

The report in the Herald makes an interesting observation in that the amount of 1 million units sold could be a lot less than the real figure as Koreans had the advantage o purchasing the iPad long before to was available in other parts of the world.

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Samsung’s Galaxy and other Android-based devices are way behind the market leader Apple who is estimated to have an impressive 70-80 percent of the Korean Tablet market.

Korean’s are wary of lengthy contracts with local carriers and as a result almost two thirds of iPads sold in Korea have only the Wi-Fi option.

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is fierce and the two are constantly looking to outperform each other.

Apple and Samsung are the market leaders in the ever growing smartphone industry with Apple winning the battle in sales for the final quarter of 2011 but loosing the overall war to total sales in 2011 to Samsung.

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Their rivalry extends to many fields which include the patent courts where Apple has launched suits against Samsung in Germany, the U.S. and as far afield as Australia where claims of patent copyright violations have been voiced.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been highly controversial as Apple claims it is a copy of the iPad Design. Samsung have recently received a favorable court ruling by Dutch Court which in effect states that Samsung is not guilty of copyright infringement and can go ahead with the marketing of their Galaxy Tab. With global powerhouses like Apple and Samsung improving their mobile devices Mobile scratchcards players can only sit back as they compete to make our scratch games adventure even better.