Online scratchcards have never been more popular and lucrative. The “online scratch card”  brings us our classic game into an online improved version.

What used to be a chore to go out to our corner shop to buy our scratchies has become as simple as clicking a button from the privacy and security of our own homes.

Mobile online gambling has in the last year taken online scratch cards to even greater heights. With the increase of smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Windows based phones, online scratch cards players have been introduced to mobile online gambling apps.

All major online scratchcards siteshave developed mobile apps for all our popular smartphones which make it even easier to play our favorite online scratch cards anytime anyplace.

A recent study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) showed that 36% of iPhone buyers stated that they had changed over from Android, Blackberry or a Palm device.

The study showed that 50% of those who changed over admitted that they had upgraded from BlackBerry, 39% from an Android phone and 10% from a Palm device. With iPhone 4S buyers all polled showed that 43% of them upgraded from an older iPhone.

The iPhone 4S proved so popular that 42% of all iPhone4S buyers admitted that they had broken existing contracts to get their hands on the new iPhone 4S.

The desire for new technologies in the scratchcards arena has been fueled by the massive global use of Mobile devices such as IPhones and Androids . Online scratchcards Software developers have been racing to keep up with the demand for new Mobile Gambling apps such as Online scratchcards ,slots machines, online poker and of course sports betting apps.

It seems as if all the momentum that Apple and Android have been reporting has been massively increasing Player demands for great Mobile Scratchcards and Mobile slots.

Neogames, Microgaming.Pariplay and a host of other Platform providers have been placing great energies into capitalizing on sector too. Online scratch cards players and slot machines players have been rewarded with a rich variety of Instant Win Mobile games that give us entertainment and the chance to win cash for an affordable amount. At the same time we have a  responsible and secure gambling experience.

Apple adapted an aggressive marketing strategy which promoted their older iPhone models. In spite of the price drop in these models, over 89% of iPhone owners owned the iPhone 4S.The trend to purchase the high end 64 gig edition also was clear as it accounted for 21% of new buyers.

CIRP’s Josh Lowitz stated,” Apple sustained the strong demand at launch, and sold even more high-end models than before, iPhone started to take more sales from other smartphones, with 36 percent of buyers upgrading from an Android, Blackberry, or Palm, compared to 18 percent at launch.”

These impressive statistics for Apple have had a positive side effect for their other products. The study showed a trend of people who buy an iPhone and move on to purchase other Apple products such as Apple TV, Airport and Time Capsule.

Apple is set to release their December sales figures soon and experts have estimated sales around $29.7 million. Assuming these are correct this could mean an 83% increase over the $16.24 million sold during the same quarter in the previous year.

Who could have thought that online scratch cards would be as easy as dialing a phone. The effect of mobile online scratch cards apps means that we scratchies players have the option of playing and winning 24 hours a day whenever and wherever we choose.