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A fascinating report released by IT research firm Canalys found that for the first time ever smartphones have overtaken client PC’s in 2011 sales. Over 488 million smartphones were sold in 2011 compared to 415 million client PC’s sold.

Client PC’s include laptops, Netbooks and the fast growing tablet market.

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Tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle and iPad have had record braking global sales in 2011 but still pale in comparison to the smartphone sales in 2011 which reached a mind blowing 487.7 million.

This technology revolution of smartphones outselling client PC’s is historic. Smartphones have only been around for a few years and at first were the privilege of the high end niche market. Today however the mobile smartphone market is increasingly opening up to the masses.

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The Canalys figures reinforce the record breaking year Apple had and have become leaders in the smartphone and Tablet device market. Apple sold over 37 million iPhones, 15.4 million iPads and over 5.2 million Macs in the final quarter of 2011.

Apple managed to break the previous record held by Nokia in selling the most devices in a quarter and simultaneously became the top vendor of annual shipments, taking it away from Nokia.

Samsung also performed well with their sales of the Galaxy S II. Nokia is looking to regain some of its glory with their new Windows Phone Lumia devices. RIM has had a difficult year and is relying on their BlackBerry 10 device to keep their status as one of the major players in the smartphone markets.

This revolution in the smartphone industry is set to take the scratch games market to heights we could only have dreamt of.

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