Online scratchcards  have managed to take the classic scratch card format and bring us a revived and improved online version that is available to us on our mobile smartphone devices.

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The smartphone industry is one of the most competitive markets in the mobile technology markets today. The competition is fierce to grab one of the most lucrative and fastest growing mobile technology sectors in the world.

The latest smartphone manufacturer to try and compete with Apple is LG. In the past years LG has not managed to make its presence strongly felt in the smartphone race.

LG is placing its future plans on high end smartphones. It will start using the Nvidia’s Tegra 3 Qaud-core chips, 3D display, increased battery life, high resolution displays and most importantly their devices will be able to take advantage of the ultrafast 4G LTE network.

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Some of the devices on display included the Optimus 4X HD which features the Tegra 3 chip and HD display. It is worth noting that currently LG already manufactures some key components of their rival Apple’s iPhone which include the iPhone’s battery, display and camera.

Head of the smartphone division for LG, Ramchan Woo believes that it makes sense for LG to create their own original smartphone device instead of using components from different manufacturers.

With its focus on the high end market, LG is hopeful to give Apple and Samsung a run for their money in the smartphone market. LG has not managed to keep up with their rivals in the smartphone race despite been dominant in the general cell phone category.

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In the Android market LG has a real chance to make an impression as Samsung is the only other major industry player in the smartphone market.

Woo is optimistic with LG’s aggressive and focused new approach. He believes the new generation of smartphones that combine speed, increased battery life, LTE connection and a HD screen will be able to  place LG in a competitive position alongside their rivals,”

“We want to make these phones easy to sell,” he said, boasting that he is willing to go toe to toe with competing devices in a spec battle. “

LG’s new marketing strategy of focusing on attracting high end smartphone users is in sharp contrast to their earlier strategies which were on manufacturing cheaper smartphones for the mass market.

The fierce competition in the smartphone race is only good news for all Mobile scratch card lovers as all our latest scratchies are coming to us in an improved and more advanced mobile platform.