The U.S. gambling market is in the midst of drastic changes. Until online gambling is officially legalized many states are looking for ways to draw gamblers to their states. The need to provide a unique gambling experience is key to drawing potential gamblers.

It is no surprise that New Jersey is one of the states to enjoy the untapped online gambling market like that of scratch cards. Many believe that there is too much competition in land-based casinos and other types of gaming like scratchcards could attract millions of new global players.

Many people do not have the time or cash to spend on going to land casinos. The ideal of playing affordable online scratch cards from the comfort of your home is a sustainable solution for many looking to enjoy the thrill of online casino gambling.

New Jersey has been in the headlines in the past year for being one of the leading states in their attempts to legalize internet betting and strengthen their existing gambling operations. Thursday marked a milestone for New Jersey as state makers passed a Bill through the Senate which would allow the use of handheld devices to makes bets while on the casino premises. In terms of the bill gamblers would be able to use their devices in their hotel rooms, lounges and even outdoors on recreation areas such as the pool.

Mobile devices in the gambling world are seen by many as the future trend. Mobile scratch card apps have become the hottest trend in the scratchcards world. With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets the convenience of portable casinos and winning scratch card games at the tips of your fingers is revolutionary.

Our modern day lifestyles mandate that all our online gaming are available whenever and wherever we choose. The growth of the smartphone and able devices just show how many of us scratch and win on portable devices.

This latest thinking by politicians comes in the wake of the need to bolster the struggling state casinos. The bill is sponsored by Sen.James Whelan who was a former mayor of Atlantic City. The idea of using mobile device in casinos is not new as it is already being used in Nevada. Whelan pointed out that Atlantic City has to keep up with the times and its competitors like Nevada. These mobile devices provide an improved and more advanced gambling experience to the players. Mobile devices in general are a hot trend especially among the younger crowd and it is essential for New Jersey to give Atlantic City Casinos an added edge in order to attract more visitors and casino patrons.

There are still some technical issues that need addressing such as the guarantee that the mobile devices only work within the boundaries of the casino but this is not seen as a problem.

In Nevada for example the use of these mobile devices is prohibited in hotel rooms as critics believe it could be hard to control underage gambling. The current bill by Whelan does not prohibit the use of these devices in hotel rooms.

The Casino Association of New Jersey summed up the thinking behind this ill,” This innovation would provide an additional amenity to help Atlantic City further distinguish itself as the East Coast’s premier gaming destination.”

New Jersey like other U.S. states are having to find alternative ways in order to fund state projects. Online gambling like scratch cards are always seen as   a preferred option for them instead of raising taxes.

It is much easier for politicians to market scratch cards as an acceptable form of gambling as many do not categorize them with heavier forms of gambling. The social gaming elements of the modern-day scratchcard also present an excellent balance between social gaming and social gambling. The Bill is expected to be brought before the State Assembly for approval soon. We can only applaud forward thinking states like New Jersey for constantly pushing the envelope with the ultimate aim of dully legalizing online gambling and scratchcards for the benefit of all.