Online gambling and in particular mobile casinos have never been so popular with no signs of this trend slowing dong down. Whether it be online lotteries, scratch cards or poker many just can’t live without their online gaming options constantly available to them.

Mobile gambling has been boosted by the ever growing proliferation of smartphones and tablets. These days with the accessibility and high regard of mobile devices, all online gambling like scratch cards are available to everyone with the touch of a button.

Long gone are the days of needing cumbersome infrastructure in order to provide players the chance to win life changing jackpots. Most online casino operators like scratch card sitesoffer the latest in their mobile casino apps. It has become common place to see many whipping out their smartphones and having a flutter on their chosen scratchies or slots as part of their daily routine.

In an interesting development in China, the Beijing Lottery retailers have started a trial project developed by Gtech Corporation in which retailers have been issued with an Android application. This new development gives the Lottery retailers the ability to market and sell their lottery tickets in other venues besides the Beijing Lottery outlets.

The device is a Samsung Galaxy SII and the application currently supports two online lotto games namely Union Lotto and 2D.

Gtech’s Chief Innovation Officer summed up the thinking behind the venture,” The explosion of mobile devices globally, coupled with the adoption of Android, provides a compelling new paradigm for our lottery industry. This joint endeavor between the Beijing Lottery and Gtech is indicative of the innovation we expect with respect to retail solutions going forward.”

The Chinese Government has a very cautious attitude towards gambling in general and it will be interesting to see how Gtech manage to dance around political sensitivities in China.

What seems clear to anyone in the gambling world that mobile casino apps are set to grow in markets like the scratch card world as these are ideally suited to cater for the masses. Scratch games provide affordability and accessibility to millions as their only viable gateway to the online gambling world and with billions of Chinese, this seems an ideal addition to the mobile lotto offerings.