Scratch cards players have always enjoyed the benefits of online casino gambling but in the last year the growth of mobile online casino’s has made it easier and more accessible than ever to play and win on all devices.

The two burning issues in the online casino gambling market today are the possible legalization of online casino gambling in the U.S. and the ever growing trend of mobile casino gambling.

The market penetration of smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Windows based devices has brought scratch cards gaming to a new level. There are daily apps been released which include online poker, bingo and online scratchcards.The ease and affordability of games has increased its popularity with mobile gambling devices.

The mobile casino gaming specialist Probability announced today that in light of the new situation in the U.S. and the new stance of the U.S. Department of Justice, it has already started the process of talking to potential U.S. Casino players.

The ongoing changes in the U.S. market bode well for the online scratch cardsmarket. It seems inevitable that U.S. scratch cards players will no longer be restricted in exercising their online casino gambling rights in their own country.

Scratch cards is a global phenomena which is growing at a rapid pace. The reach and scope of online scratch cards is global and is a favorite of millions of online gamblers and the growth of mobile casino  online gambling only adds to the fun.

Probability is a leading specialist developer and operator of direct-to-mobile gambling devices. They offer casino games, Bingo and slots and boast turnover of over £500,000 per day.

As we have been reporting The Department of Justice recently ruled that its ban on online casino gambling applies only to sports betting which has left many in the opinion that online poker and casino games are able to be legalized on a state by state basis.

Probability’s Chief Executive, Charles Cohen said,” We are very excited by the prospect of individual states opening their local markets and already it seems that several are making plans to do just that. This is a perfect scenario for mobile gambling because mobile is the only platform where the location of the user can be assured with any degree of certainty at the time they place their bets. Over 109,000,000 Americans are already using apps on smartphones which are capable of running our games”.

Cohen further added that Probability aims to actively pursue the potential opportunities and is already in the progress of active discussions with U.S. potential partners.

Probability recorded record player deposits with over £1 million wagered on Christmas Eve.

Net Game revenue reported a 27% increase to £1.88 million over October and December compared to the same period last year. There was a 48% increase in the amount of money deposited by players.

Android, iPhone and Touch devices recorded a 55% increase in the share of deposits.

Cohen stated that Probability is considering increasing its TV advertising and a final decision would be taken in the coming weeks. Probability is close to launching its service in Mexico with Caliente which should take place at the end of 2012.

There has not been a week gone by recently where we have not had news on the front of the U.S. Casino market following the Wire Act changes.  Scratchcards ,Slots Machines and Online Poker are an ever increasing reality in the United States and we look forward to the day the North American Continent returns to the Online Casino market.