It is hard to believe that only a few years ago the smartphone was only the option of a privileged few. Nowadays the mobile phone has become available to all due largely to their affordability and availability. Like in any other industry, competition is key to ensuring that we the customers get to enjoy cheaper and better products.

Currently Apple and Android continue to be the main dominant forces in the smartphone market all over the globe.

In a recent study by ComScore it was found that even in Japan the smartphone market is firmly in the hands of Android and  in the three months ending June they enjoyed a 64% market share. This is an increase of almost 2 points from the previous three months. Apple came in second with 32% market share.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone came in their place with 3% of the Japanese Market which is not a lot but this could increase with the much anticipated release of their Windows 8 Phone set in the coming months. Interesting to see what mobile games will be developed for this platform.

What is even more interesting is that about a quarter of all mobile phone users in Japan owned smartphones during the June Quarter. Like many other parts of the world smartphone ownership in Japan has increasing at a rapid pace with a reported 43% rise from 2011.

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The days of standard mobile phones are numbered as the smartphone becomes as affordable and accessible as any of the regular mobile phones we have come accustomed to. We can only imagine what the next few years will have in store for mobile casino technology.