Mobile devices are seen by many as the largest growth area in the online arena. While the internet is saturated many look to the mobile playing ground as the next frontier in technology.  Just about every one of us now interacts on our smartphones or tablet devices for what we would have used your PC’s for in the past. With such advanced portable devices they are fast replacing what some already label as the “obsolete” PC.

As a result many traditional online apps and programs are now being channeled to dedicated mobile devices. Major social networks like Facebook have already admitted that their recent downturn in profits is largely due to their falling behind with the mobile trend.  In fact CEO mark Zuckerberg admitted that he would have built Facebook as a mobile app rather then focusing on an internet site. Like many Facebook are looking for ways to monetize their mobile apps.

Until now the main issue has been revenues which have been slow in coming. However in data released by Interactive Advertising Bureau it seems that there is a steady increase in both internet and mobile ad revenues. According to the data revenues were up by 14% for the first half of 2012. In fact this reached a record sum of $17 billion. What is most interesting is the fact that mobile revenues have almost doubled reaching 95% growth to make up $1.2 billion.

These figures are great news for social sites and web publishers who all are focusing on mobile. This growth rate is set to continue as the potential is widely untapped. With just about anyone being able to purchase smartphones, the idea of using mobile technology as your primary interface for online activity is no longer a luxury for the few.

The online world has being transformed in the last few years with high quality and affordable devices which are making our lives that much easier and fun.  Just about every industry is gearing up towards mobile sites. Whether it be mobile casino gambling or mobile banking the future is literally in the palm of our hands.  Judging by the dramatic growth of mobile ad revenues, advertisers as well as mobile developers are set to mutually benefit from this unstoppable force called “mobile”.