An interesting report in the Guardian has drawn attention to the ever lucrative and growing Italian gambling market.

It seems Italians like nothing better than spending big bucks on online gambling and Scratch Cards.

It is no surprise that the likes of online scratchcards are grabbing the attention of millions of Italian gamblers. With the global economic crisis many millions are seeking affordable forms of gambling which the “scratch card” provides.

The simple scratchcard is unrivaled in its low cost and high winning payout ratio. Only the scratch card market can offer scratchiesfrom 10p and offer you the chance to win life changing jackpots of up to £1,000,000.

One of the biggest online gambling markets in Europe is Italy. Last year alone Italians wagered over €80 billion which is a massive increase from the €4 billion only a decade ago.

According to Michael Haile, an analyst at Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, Italians are spending on average about €304 a year on gambling which is much more than the UK which is about €232.

Italy now holds the top spot in spending in Europe which used to be the UK in 2009.

The main reason for this change is the fact that slot machines were legalized in 2004 and there are now estimated to be over 400,000 which has led them to overtake football, horses and lottery markets. Experts estimate that slot machines account for over half of Italy’s current gambling spending. Another major cause for this tremendous rise in Italians gambling is the current economic crisis that is gripping the whole of Europe and Italy in particular. Many people are looking to gambling for a quick fix to their financial problems.

In difficult times scratch cards can provide a responsible outlet for people looking to gamble responsibly and affordably. For those looking for a lighter form of gambling, scratchcards fit the bill quite literally. Whether you are a sports fan or enjoy the chance to see exotic locations, there is scratchcard designed to fit your needs.

The unemployment rate amongst the younger Italian generation is estimated to be at least 33% and with many millions of Italians finding themselves at home, there are estimates of over 8000,000 people addicted to gambling.

The growth of the smartphone and tablet devices has lead to mobile scratch card  apps being brought to you with the touch of a button. There is no longer any need to physically leave your house to enjoy the latest scratchies game. All you need to do is to whip out your mobile device and start scratching and winning.

The online gambling market in Italy alone brought in over €8 billion with the help of celebrity footballers like Francesco Totti promoting it.

According to experts in the field like Daniele Poto who had compiled a report on the new gambling habits of Italians, the growth of gambling can be attributed to the Government encouraging it and lots of targeted advertising.

One of the main benefits of online scratch cards for governments are the money that can be saved on marketing as the global recognition of scratch cards is unmatched. The Government looks to gambling as an excellent source of revenue and with the economic crisis the politicians are desperately looking for any way to generate revenue.  Politicians look to tax revenues from online scratch cards as a preferred alternative to raising taxes. The economic crisis affects people in one of two ways, either they decide to be thrifty and save or they choose to take a chance and bet on ventures that can yield instant cash.

All scratch cards sites cater for the more cautious scratchies players out there and allow you to play in virtual mode before laying out real cash your chosen scratchcards. This can be seen in the savings pattern of Italians who are now on average only saving €1,700 annually in contrast to €4,000 only a decade ago.

Rome and its nearby towns have the highest gambling spending per head and slot machine parlors are common sights on the high streets where in the past family stores used to dominate. The slot machine parlors are high end locations and are serviced by well dressed beautiful ladies. This advertising marketing is aimed at promoting the slot machine parlors as high end luxury establishments.

It would seem that the classic scratch card could become the preferred choice of millions of global gamblers as the scratch card’s flexibility and economic appeal are unrivaled.