When it comes to technology trends, there is no second guessing that the last few years belong to mobile technology. It was only a few years ago that the idea of abandoning our PC’s for a portable device was unthinkable. However with the rapid pace of mobile technology and the drastic price drop for high quality devices has meant that anyone can literally hold their online world in the palm of their hands.

The smartphone and tablet sector has reached such a level that even traditional software giants like Microsoft and Google now see this market as an integral part of their overall companies’ product offerings.

Microsoft has been rumored to enjoy both sides of the coins by offering their Windows Phone 8 operating system as well as looking into manufacturing their very own smartphone devices. This was once again confirmed by a report in the Wall Street Journal in which it was stated that Microsoft has already started testing their very own smartphone design with Asian suppliers. Speculation is that the smartphone will match the screens of Samsung’s Galaxy and iPhone 5 with a screen reaching between 4 and 5 inches.

While Microsoft are definitely looking into their own smartphone they are also cautiously waiting to see hoe their Windows Phone 8 operating system is received by the public. Currently Nokia has quite a lot to lose if Microsoft decides to go ahead with production of their own device as they are currently relying heavily on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 to improve their dwindling smartphone market share. The good news for Nokia is that speculation is that if Microsoft decides to go ahead with their smartphone it will only do so in mid 2013 which is more than enough time for Nokia to assess the viability of Microsoft’s platform.

Just about every industry in the gaming world is being positively influenced by the rise of mobile devices. Mobile gambling is one of these sectors that are being transformed as we speak. Traditional gambling has been revolutionized as there is a new global audience who now have the option of partaking in internet gambling whenever and wherever they choose.

Gambling has changed from a dubious activity which was enjoyed by a few in smoke filled rooms to transparent and affordable gaming available to all via mobile devices. We can only guess what will be next in the mobile world but if the last few years are anything to go by we can expect to be pleasantly surprised.