There is never a dull moment in the online casino industry.Those of us who have experienced the thrill of winning on a scratch card or poker machine can attest to.

The online gambling industry is full of all sorts of interesting characters and innovations but even for us scratch card freaks the following story takes the cake.

The Daily Mail in the U.K. has one of the strangest gambling stories we have heard of late. An online casino  website called has paid £7,000 for a sample of Michael Jackson’s hair. They plan on immortalizing the singing legend by using his hair in a roulette ball.

According to a company spokesman: “ The ball itself will be made to the highest professional standards, ensuring it will be eligible for use at any licensed casino’s roulette table.”

The sample of hair was retrieved from a drain of a shower by a worker at the New York’s Carlyle Hotel where Michael Jackson stayed in the 1980’s.

This bizarre item was auctioned off at the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction house who specialize in the online sale of pop memorabilia.

I am surprised there has not been a release of a Michael Jackson Scratch card game yet!