Scratch cards are the choice of millions as an affordable and simple way to win instant cash. Whether you prefer regular scratch off tickets that you buy at your local shop or the online scratch cards version, they are affordable and accessible to all.

A recent report in The Argus proves once again how common it is for people to win big cash prizes on scratch cards. The luck of the Irish is certainly evident in an Omeath gas station where Mary T Crinion of Greenan became the latest scratch card winner at the gas station. What makes this win so remarkable is that she is the third customer at the gas station who has won on a ticket.

Mrs Crinion was at first unaware of her win as the lucky winners were announced on television and she did not watch the results show. It was up to her neighbors and son who informed her of her life changing £53,000 jackpot prize. On top of her jackpot prize she also won a dream holiday to Tobago. Crinion is married with five children and was understandably delighted with her scratchcard jackpot fortune.

This lucky gas station at Conlon is gaining a reputation for winning scratchcard jackpots and manager Anthony Clarke is hoping for continued luck for their customers.

In light of their unusually high success, they now also offer full lotto facilities which include scratch cards as well as four line picks.

Lottery and scratchcards are two great examples of how popular certain social gaming can be. The secret to their popularity lies in the fact that they both are user-friendly and simple to play. Their availability and affordability is what makes them the average Joe’s preferred choice when deciding to have a small punt with some massive prizes.