For all those looking for Prince Charming but always seems to get to kiss the frog, then 888games has just the game for you. Love Pond is a magical getaway where your ugly frog can turn into the ultimate Prince Charming who has the potential to add £100,000 to your bank account if you catch the first prize.

This simple online scratch card is a classic take on a well known fairy tale which we all know and love. As you enter this fantasy scratchie there is a beautiful Princess who needs to choose between 5 interesting looking frogs. These frogs are not the run of the mill frogs and each one has a unique look and personality.  The aim of this scratchcard is for the Princess to pick 1 of the5 frogs in the hope that it will be her Prince Charming.

Rating: ★★★★½
Maximum Jackpot : €\£\$ 100,000
Minimum Bet : €\£\$0.25
Maximum Bet : €\£\$10
Scratch Site : 888Games
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Dreams can come true with 888games as betting can start from £0.25. There is a jackpot prize on this ticket which is very substantial as is the case in most of these instant win games. To start scratching and winning just choose the amount you want to bet and choose one of the frogs. If you choose correctly toy will see the Princess’s kiss change the frog into Prince Charming. If she guesses incorrectly then the frog turns into a nasty looking monster.

The animations and graphics are quite entertaining. Love Pond also features catchy background music. 2012 has seen the market flooded with countless new scratch card websites and games. Sites like 888 are at for forefront being a well-established brand and a publicly listed company. The 888games site has proven time and time again its ability to provide exemplary softer gaming choices for this niche sector of players who do not want to enter an intimidating full online casino.

The Love Pond game fits very well into this category of gaming providing a fantasy scratchie that is simple to play does not break the bank while doing it. Best of all they have the regular 5 pounds free option to start playing with no risk whatsoever. This free money is fully valid for real cash wins you may encounter when starting on your journey into the many games available at