A driving instructor from Yeadon in West Yorkshire landed a half-share of the £3.92 million jackpot in the Lotto game on Saturday 12 November. Steve Poole, who is married to Gwen, sent Tom, one of his four adult sons, to buy a lottery ticket because he’d forgotten to do so himself. Tom bought the ticket and all six of the selected numbers came up, but Steve didn’t actually get to see the draw, and he didn’t find out about the win until Sunday evening.

W ell done Steve I guess Tom got the better end of that deal but its all in the family i guess which is great. The feeling of winning must have been awesome either way.

I always say you just got have a ticket of your own to stand a chance. If you dont take one you stand no chance at winning. I still dream of hitting my 1000000 Scratch Card Jackpot.

It could happen some day but i have to buy the Scratch game ticket I guess to partake. I usually still take the Regular scratch card when i purchase my bi-weekly lottery ticket.